Our Promise

“It is our promise to provide efficient and reliable service, always.” – Thermal Air Conditioning Team

G: Get Immediate Service 24/7

Our reliable, radio-dispatch service team is available when you need us most. During urgent service calls we efficiently diagnose the problem to get the solution quickly underway. At any time, any day, we will get your system running again.

A: Achieve Deadlines

With any service call or project, we take upmost care in adhering to schedules and due dates. We know that the success of a job depends on providing equipment and labor on time. It keeps costs low, the work moving forward, and our clients satisfied. This is how we have kept positive, working relationships with our clientele for nearly 15+ years.

S: Save Money, Save Energy

Using our expansive knowledge of energy management, we can design energy efficient systems to ensure optimal functioning at the lowest operating costs. While saving you money, Thermal Air Conditioning, Inc. is dedicated to doing our part in environmental conservation.

P: Prevent Costly Repairs

Our Maintenance Contracts plan necessary service calls, so you don’t have to! We examine equipment, check electrical and gas efficiency, change filters, clean coils, and more. Scheduling regular service and maintenance allows us to find problems before they occur, which is critical to lengthening the lifespan of your equipment. The longer the lifespan, the more money you save!

“We promise to use every new job as an opportunity to turn brand new customers into long-term clients.” – Thermal Air Conditioning Team