What We Stride For

Helping you save energy

First, we take CARE of the job from start to finish. Second, we can design energy-efficient systems. Third, we can create energy management control systems to ensure your building functions optimally. What this adds up to is operating cost savings for you by reducing your buildings energy use. So, you not only HELP yourself, you also help preserve the natural environment.

On call around the clock service

We can get your building’s system back on line should they fail. We also do maintenance work on residential buildings, from simple furnace lighting and air conditioner filter changes to complex zoned energy management control systems. Our radio-dispatched service team is available 24-7, every single day of the year. We can respond immediately to DIAGNOSE the problem and get the solution quickly underway.

We solve current problems and prevent future ones

Our planned maintenance contracts are like insurance – you don’t have to worry about your buildings mechanical systems because we take care of them. We inspect equipment, check electrical and gas efficiency, change filters, clean coils and more. This service helps alleviate emergencies, improves the functioning of your systems, saves you money on materials costs, and can help lengthen the life of your equipment.

Keeping deadlines and promises

Perhaps you’ve already started working with general contractor on your building. We can work with him to construct systems to his established specifications. Although we stress the scheduling and budgeting benefits to you of having one contractor design and build, we successfully PARTNER with general contractors to meet both your and their quality and timeline needs. Our flexible scheduling options help general contractors meet their goals, so they can fulfill their promises to you. No two buildings are alike. That’s why our industry experience and individual approach to each building is so important. During a construction job, it is imperative to get equipment on time, to keep costs low and the job moving forward. We bring experience in the construction process and enjoy strong relationships.

Affordable upgrades

Was your building built 20, 30 or 40 years ago? Let us upgrade your mechanical systems to meet today’s codes and standards. Poor ventilation, low water pressure, CFC problems – we can help. We have devised flexible scheduling because we understand that you or your tenants can’t stop their business while renovations are being performed. We can help you plan your maintenance costs for years to come. We can help you determine when your equipment needs to be replaced, the costs involved and how to budget for it. We can also help your facilities manager through outsourcing. Our expertise and experience ensure the maintenance will be done in a timely, quality manner. And by charging a flat monthly fee, we turn a former variable cost into a fixed cost, providing you with better financial control.