Improve Indoor Comfort and Lower Costs with Energy Efficient HVAC commercial HVAC, energy savings

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Did you know that most commercial buildings spend up to 8% of their operating expenses on heating, cooling and ventilation, according to recent US Department of Energy estimates? That translates into a lot of money for many commercial building owners, especially when you consider that increased energy efficiency not improves your bottom line, but your […]


6 HVAC Problems, Their Warning Signs and What to Do About Them

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There are dozens of things vying for your attention every minute of the day, and your home’s HVAC system probably doesn’t top your list of priorities. But homeowners who ignore the following warning signs do so at their own risk. An inefficient or failing system can be costly and uncomfortable. Waiting until it’s too late […]


New Con Edison Incentives Make Commercial And Industrial HVAC Upgrades A Better Investment

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Con Edison is enhancing its incentives for commercial and industrial customers that make HVAC upgrades with two program offerings.   The first is the Prescriptive Rebate Program, which offers cash incentives for the installation of standard energy-efficient equipment, including HVAC such as furnaces, boilers and chillers. The second option offers incentives for custom upgrades of $0.16 per kilowatt […]


Preventative Maintenance for HVACR Equipment Is Important for Several Reasons

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Though it’s a critical step in ensuring equipment efficiency and longevity, it’s not that common A scrap of paper from a torn receipt or a straw wrapper. Particulate pollution, stirred up by folks going in and out the door of a fast-food restaurant. Dust bunnies in the corner of the room, made up (as they […]