Preventative Maintenance for HVACR Equipment Is Important for Several Reasons

April 30th, 2019 → 5:09 pm @ // No Comments

Though it’s a critical step in ensuring equipment efficiency and longevity, it’s not that common

A scrap of paper from a torn receipt or a straw wrapper. Particulate pollution, stirred up by folks going in and out the door of a fast-food restaurant. Dust bunnies in the corner of the room, made up (as they are) of dust; contamination; and dead human skin cells, shed at the rate of a pound per person per year.

All this, over time, gets sucked into the coil area of the refrigerator, freezer, or a/c unit. And despite statistics that show cleaning out the coils regularly can save around 20 percent in energy costs, Richard Fennelly, CEO of CoilPod LLC, said he’s heard a leading HVACR expert assert that 80 percent of owners don’t do coil cleaning at all, and the other 20 percent don’t do it enough.


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