New Con Edison Incentives Make Commercial And Industrial HVAC Upgrades A Better Investment

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Con Edison is enhancing its incentives for commercial and industrial customers that make HVAC upgrades with two program offerings.   The first is the Prescriptive Rebate Program, which offers cash incentives for the installation of standard energy-efficient equipment, including HVAC such as furnaces, boilers and chillers. The second option offers incentives for custom upgrades of $0.16 per kilowatt hour saved plus an additional $600 for each kilowatt of energy reduction. These HVAC upgrades will also benefit from Early Replacement and Extended Life offerings, designed to encourage owners to replace outdated equipment with more efficient models before they break down.  The incentives will encourage owners to consider high-efficiency HVAC upgrades and custom measures that would otherwise be too expensive, Con Edison Program Manager Caitlin Prager said. Unlike LED lighting, which is a more accessible, affordable and frequent improvement, HVAC upgrades happen less often and at a higher cost to property owners. Incentives encourage owners to choose more efficient equipment.  “Commercial customers don’t upgrade their HVAC equipment as frequently as lighting, but when they do, it’s a major investment,” Prager said. “We need to get the attention of the customer and the market partners when the customer is ready to make that investment.” Con Edison’s Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program is for properties averaging peak demand over 100 kilowatts. All large commercial customers, including office buildings, schools and hospitals can benefit from the incentives. Multifamily residential buildings are covered by a separate program.

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