Murphy’s Law: The Changing American Dream

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… HVACR Optimism

Most companies have voiced cautious optimism for the 2012 business year. Thermal Air Conditioning, has most certainly done so. Some may boom, some may bust – it depends upon where you live. After all, all business is local, especially HVAC in the Los Angeles County .

HVACR firms have a business option available to them that most home builders do not – service. It is a nice complement to installation, retrofit, and replacement work. Most new home builders are one-trick ponies. If home construction is slow, so is that basic business – there just aren’t many options when it comes to building a house. You either do or you don’t.

If the aisles in McCormick Place in Chicago were any indication of business for the HVACR industry, then it looks as though the flat edges might be smoothing out this year. However, there are a couple of other indicators worth noting.

The U.S. stock market finished higher in January at 4.4 percent, its biggest January gain sine 1997. A good January is a positive sign for the commign year about 89 percent of the time.

Even better is the fact that Super Bowl XLVI advertising wa dominated by car advertisers for the first time in a while. Anout two dozen of 70 30-secong commercial spots came from the automotive industry, which if you recall, hasn’t been doing so hot for the last few years.

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