GreenHomes America Partners with Mike Callahan and Callahan/Roach & Associates

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GreenHomes Americ, Inc., a Home Performance Contracting firm, has retained the services of Mike Callaha, President of Callahan/Roach & Associates, to aggresively promote the adoption of Home Performance solutions in the HVAC industry. Home Performance Contracting (HPC) adopts a holistic, whole-home approach to achieving significant energy efficiencies, often in the range of 40-60 percent.

Home Performance  Contracting growth is being fueled by increased private and public sector concern over volatille and steeply rising energy prices. Knox explains, “The energy crisis  we face as a nation is not going away. Residential homes consume over 20 percent of the energy in the U.S., and demand is rising. Most homeowners want to reduce energy use for a variety of reasons-to lower their utility bills, improve the environment and reduce dependance on foreign energy, to name a few. Thermal Air Conditioning believes that Home Performance improvements provide proven solutions that permanetly reduce a  home’s energy use while dramtically improving indoor comfort. The Home Performance market should be dominated by HVAC contractors, but today it’s not.” 

Knox adds, “The challenge we face in our industry is to first, educate contractors on the basics of Home Performance solutions and second, to demonstrate the advantages of adding total Home Performance solutions to their businesses. Our new strategic partnership with Mike Callahan and his associates will be instrumental in helping us achieve this important goal. The Callahan/Roach name has been well known and respected in HVAC since its founding in 1989. To this day, the company remains a leader in providing flat-rate pricing to heating and cooling contractors, as well as, to the plumbing and pool service industries.” 

GreenHomes America and its sister division, Linc Network, the oldest and largest commercial HVAC service franchise in the world, have made it a goal to help HVAC contractors in becomming the leaders in providing residential Home Perforamnce improvements in the United States. Knox believes that, because of their loyal customer base, frequent in-home visits, superior technical skills and existing employee resources, HVAC contractors are ideally suited to serve the needs of homeowners, not only to upgrade equipment, but also to analyze and correct deficiencies throughout home.Callahan sees the timing as ideal for broadly introducing HVAC contractors to HPC. “Just like flat-rate pricing changed and improved our industry in the early 1990’s, Home Performance solutions will drastically change and improve our industry over the next few years. In my opinion, it will provide the most dramatic industry improvement since the acceptance of residential cooling in the late 1960’s. It will give our contractors the ability to become the single-source solution to all comfort and energy issues within a residence. It will provide our customers to a level of home comfort never before possible. Finally it will provide our contractors a fantastic new profit-center for their business and will significantly reduce the seasonal ups and downs that have plagued us forever.”

Callahan added, “GreenHomes America is to be commended for making the investment to, first and foremost, promote Home Performance Contracting within our industry. Our goals are perfectly aligned- to ensure that Home Performance solutions remain where they belong – in the HVAC industry. My associates and I are proud and pleased to be part of this effort. Thermal Air Conditioning’s goal is to have Home Performance solutions gain the same level of acceptance as flat-rate pricing among HVAC contractors,

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