Notice of Price Increases from Manufacturers

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Thermal Air Conditioning, Inc. will like to bring to your attention the price increases that we are seeing from manufacturers of insulation products and accesory  items. Thermal Air Conditioning, Inc. wants to keep you informed so that you can bid your jobs accordingly. Below is a partial listing of the increase notices we have received as of this week. We anticipate increaes from most of the manufacturers based on conversations in the past few months.


The following percentages correspond to the increases that will take effect beginning January 17, 2011                                              

Fiberglass Pipe Insulation  6%    

Other fiberglass products  6-12%         

Urethane, phenolic & foamglas  5-8%   

PVC products  6%

Rubber and Polyethylene  8%

Mineral wool products  5-8% 

Mastic and adhesives  3-7%  

Calcium silicate 5%                                                                           

Ceramic fiber 3-5%                                                           

Metal roll stock and fittings 15%                                                           

Tape 6%                                                                              

While this is not a complete list of increases, this is what Thermal Air Conditioning, Inc. has so far. New list price pages will be printed and will continue to be distributed to the Los Angeles air conditioning companies before the increase takes effect. We appreciate your business. Thank you for allowing us to be your insulation supplier.

Thermal Air Conditioning, Inc.

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